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Mega Adventure

Head to Mega Adventure Park, test your acrobatics and enjoy a bevy of thrilling activities.
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About Mega Adventure Park

Get set for an adrenaline-fueled adventure and an exhilarating experience by visiting Mega Adventure Park Sentosa. It is nestled at Sentosa Island's Siloso Beach and allows you to sail through the skies like Tarzan, experience a bird's eye view of the island, and fly above a lush jungle. It has the perfect blend of man-made and natural rides meant to keep your heart racing every time. The star attraction of the park is MegaZip Sentosa, Asia's first zipline that takes you over the island's beautiful terrains and gives you a chance to confront your fear of heights. You'll also find here a Eucalyptus Tree-Top obstacle course that has been designed to test your strength, daredevil spirit, and adventure quotient. Flaunt your climbing skills by mounting the fifteen-meter tall MegaWall, which is the highest rock climbing wall in Singapore. Race your heartbeat as you try the parachute simulator MegaJump, or test your acrobatic skills on the bungee-assisted trampoline. Bounce up to eight meters high on any of the four trampolines on the beach. So what are you waiting for? Head to Mega Adventure Park now to challenge yourself, test your acrobatics and enjoy a bevy of thrilling activities.


Activities to Enjoy at Mega Adventure Park

There are many thrilling activities that you can enjoy at the mega adventure park Sentosa. While enjoying these activities, you can test your daredevil spirit, scare, scream, and get excited at the same time. Indulge in a competition with your friends by racing along the ziplines of MegaZip Sentosa or conquer the hurdles laden by MegaClimb. With Mega Adventure Park Zipline, you can witness the breathtaking views of Singapore's shimmering golden sands and lush green jungles. The mega adventure zipline is positioned seventy-five meters above ground level and runs along the shore, the sea, and the jungle. MegaJump is another exciting activity that you can enjoy at Mega Adventure Park. It allows you to enjoy the thrill and adventure of free-falling without a plane ride. Mega Bounce is the perfect activity for the little ones as it gives them a chance to test their acrobatic skills at the bungee-assisted trampolines. If you're feeling a bit more adventurous, you can try The MegaClimb, a premiere high ropes adventure course in Sentosa's jungle hilltops. To enjoy these activities to the core and have a safe experience, you must be equipped with the right accessories and follow the safety precautions.

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Mega Bounce

Bounce, leap and soar into the sky on the bungee-assisted trampoline at MegaBounce. A set of four trampolines have been laid on Siloso Beach, alongside the ticketing counter of Mega Adventure. You can bounce and soar up to eight meters high in the sky on any of the four trampolines on the beach using safety harnesses. An instructor is always available to assist you in enjoying the activity without any hassle. So wear your safety equipment and get ready to have the leap of your life as you enjoy this activity.

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Mega Jump
Mega Jump

Get ready to have the epic jump of your life on Mega Jump, a fifteen-meter free fall simulator. MegaJump gives you the exhilaration and thrill similar to a parachute free-fall from a great height. You can breathe in the ocean breeze, enjoy a breathtaking view of Sentosa Island and admire the majestic beauty of the jungle from the leaping point. In the very next second, you might feel cold-blooded as you look down at the fifteen-meter drop. So get harnessed and enjoy a free-fall Jump of your life without the plane ride.

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Mega Climb
Mega Climb

If you're planning a climbing-focused trip but don't have the skills and experience required to attempt the sport, Mega Climb can be your ideal option. Mega Adventure Park offers thirty-six obstacle courses ranging from five to fifteen meters high. It includes different hurdles such as wires, wooden planks, ropes, and a flying fox to polish your climbing skills. There are a total of three levels available, and you can choose any one as per your skill. The complexity of the course significantly increases as you level up, so choose the levels accordingly.

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Mega Wall
Mega Wall

Show off your climbing skills by mounting the fifteen-meter tall MegaWall, the highest rock climbing wall in Singapore. As you enjoy this activity, you'll have to ascend to the top through any of the three routes. This activity is conducted under the guidance of climbing instructors to ensure that you have a safe experience. Once you reach your target, you just need to lean back and abseil down to reach the point from where you started this activity. You can also ask your friends and family to click your pictures as you enjoy this activity.

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Things to Know Before you Go for Mega Adventure Park

How to Reach
Safety Precautions
Essential Information

Mega Adventure Park Sentosa has two entry point counters, the Imbiah lookout ticketing counter, and the Siloso beach counter. You can get to the park through any of these entry points.

By Train Take the Sentosa Beach Tram from Beach Station and get down at the Mega Adventure Park stop for the Siloso beach counter. For the Imbiah ticketing counter, you'll have to get down at Imbiah Station and walk away for a few minutes.

By Bus Take the Sentosa Bus and get down at Siloso Point. The Siloso beach counter is a short walk away from here. For the Imbiah lookout ticketing counter, you'll have to take the Sentosa Bus and get down at Imbiah Lookout.

By Car You can easily book a cab/taxi to reach Mega Adventure Park from anywhere in the city. The park has a parking area around both the counters, Beach Car Park, and Imbiah Car park Lookout.

  • Opening Hours The Mega Adventure Park remains open daily from 11 am to 7 pm. However, you must make your last entry to Mega Jump by 6:30 pm and Mega Bounce by 6:45 pm.
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FAQs of Mega Adventure Park

What is so special about Mega Adventure Park?

Mega Adventure Park is a family-friendly adventure destination where you can enjoy many enthralling activities. The most interesting feature of this park is the four hundred and fifty-meter mega zipline Sentosa, which shoots down from Imbiah Hill. You can also enjoy activities, such as Mega Climb, Mega Jump, Mega Bounce, and MegaWall.

How long is MegaZip Sentosa?

The mega zipline Sentosa flies you across a four hundred and fifty meters long stretch at a speed of 60kph and a height of 75 meters.

Is there any age restriction at Mega Adventure Park?

Yes, children below the age group of 16 aren't allowed to enter Mega Adventure Park.

What happens in the event of bad weather while at Mega Adventure Park?

The Mega Adventure Park has a no refund policy. But, in the event of bad weather, visitors are issued vouchers valid for three months. So, you can enjoy your booked activities during your next visit.

How high is Mega Adventure Park?

The mega adventure zipline is positioned at a height of 75 meters above ground level. It runs along the shore, the sea, and the jungle and offers a breathtaking view. Mega zipline Singapore runs down to Siloso Island over a distance of 450 meters at 60km/hr.

What do you need to wear while doing MegaZip?

  • If you're doing the mega adventure zipline, wear clothes that cover your thighs, knees, and shoulders to prevent abrasion with a harness.
  • Don't wear loose pants or trousers to ensure your clothes don't get tangled with the harness.
  • Don't wear spectacles, rings, earrings, watches, or hats. Keep them in the locker or your bag.
  • Wear covered shoes. If you wear slippers while ziplining, your slippers might get attached to the harness, and you'll be bare-footed while enjoying this activity.

Does Mega Adventure Park provide lockers?

Yes, the locker facility is available at Mega Adventure Park at an additional cost. However, the Mega Adventure Park management won't be responsible if you lose your valuables. You're therefore recommended not to carry expensive items while visiting the park.

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